Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Long Time Away

Yes... I am still alive & kicking
I have been away from the Studio for a while.
Kiln problems, lack of enthusiasm, and generally busy in other areas of my life!!

Some of you may be aware that I have recently launched the 

a space for Tasmanian Artists, Designers, Makers & Producers to showcase their wares

This has really taken ALOT of my time & energy.
Now the shop is up and running I can start focusing on getting back into the Studio.


Sunday, November 2, 2014


No Salamanca Market for me yesterday....
This week I was hit with a sinus infection that was also heading into my chest.
I feel ****.
So off to the Doctors to get antibiotics and spent most of the day in bed.
I am so sick of blowing my nose.

This afternoon I decided I would get out of bed, surf the internet and make some clay beads, whilst sitting at the kitchen table with the heat pump on....
It's currently hailing and blowing a gale outside.

Oh how I wish I had my new pellet heater now.
I did purchase one on Thursday, and it will take 2 weeks to deliver and install.
(by then the weather will no doubt be beautiful and sunny!!!)

In the meantime I have organised to have the heat pump moved to another wall, as the pellet heater will go where the heat pump was.

Technically the heater doesn't require a hearth, but I quite like the idea of one anyway.
The tiles I liked were quite expensive, so to save $$ I have decided to get a large piece of cement sheeting and stencil it using the same stencil I used in the front entrance.
This will also give a lovely sense of continuity.
I will place some beading around the edge and voila a hearth is made.
If I ever change my mind or get sick of it, I can always tile over the sheeting in future.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The next year sees some welcome changes to our house.
The house was built in the late 60's and an extension was added in the 80's??
There are no redeeming features to speak of and it is pretty nondescript.
For some reason the previous owners did the extension in heritage colours...
Think cream, burgundy and green.
When we first moved in the 60's section was red brick with aluminium windows with the 'heritage coloured' extension added on.
At the time to complement the extension we painted the brick sand and the window frames burgundy.

YUCK... but it filled the gap for the time.
Now it's on to the present....

The plan is to paint the roof grey (it's currently red) and also the trim grey.
We have to put up with the faux weatherboard cream extension for the time being (but I have plans to distract from this.)  

So we paint the roof grey and the window frames white.  
The bottom half  with the brick section will be rendered in sandbank (colorbond) and the window frames also in white. 
The gutter section will be covered with grey cladding to disguise the gutters and complement the roof.
This picture is from last the meantime we have had to unfortunately remove the tree on the right as it was interfering with the power lines.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Even though summer is nearly here I have been thinking about heating for our house.
Originally I wanted to add a woodheater, but am coming around to the idea of a pellet heater.
I have been to look at some and am still deciding....

Even though it has a flame, it's not as nice as a bunch of logs lit up.
It doesn't have any radiant heat.

It has a timer, so you can set the heater to start before you even get out of bed or come home from work.
It doesn't require lots of chopping and splitting and carting of wood.
It's better for the environment.
It's on SALE with free flue and installation.
The kids can just flick a switch and turn it on themselves.
It can be put close to the wall, so doesn't take up too much space.

So this is the one I am thinking of installing.

The MacLeod from Tasmanian Pellet heating
and the hearth I am thinking of is tiles from Wyllie Tiles

They are the Artisan Marrakesh tiles in Mist/Ash
I could get some concrete laid and then stencil it like I did the front entrance.

mmmmm..... thinking about it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Pieces

SORRY about the lack of images for this post
Unfortunately it's all TOP SECRET at the moment
da da da daaah da da da daaaah
Even though I have cut back my stockists to work on some larger projects, I have been producing a new range for Salamanca Market and for the 1 month pop-up shop that I'll be doing at the end of the year.
These pieces have been cast in earthenware and are a more affordable range for everyday use.
This week I have sorted all my kiln issues and popped in the first load of glazed pieces for the new range.  I was really happy with how they turned out and would love to show you....
I am keeping them for the launch of the new pop-up shop, so you'll just have to wait!!!
I will let you know that there is lot's of gold and platinum lustre....some coloured patterned pieces and some lovely celadon crackle pieces too.
Bowls, Plates, Platters, Mugs, Sushi Sets, Colanders and also some new Porcelain Jewellery pieces will be in the mix.
If I have time I also intend to add some pieces with a new groggy textured clay and some terracotta.
Stay posted for info. on the pop-up shop, with location and date to be announced soon.
I am also starting to design and make some limited edition and one-off pieces for an exhibition in 2015.  This will also include some large interesting outdoor sculptures in terracotta.
I haven't decided on the date and location yet....all depends on any upcoming work that may be in the pipelines.  But if anyone has any good suggestions for exhibition space I would be interested in hearing your feedback.  Just email me at

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's on again....

Ideally I would have had my new Christmas Ornaments, dinnerware pieces and jewellery to show.
BUT.... again I have had kiln issues.
I won't be there empty handed though.  I will have all the usual items and it means that at the Christmas Market I will have all the new pieces to show off!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014


Well it has been a while.......
This year I have settled into my new job in Kinder 3 days a week, as well as doing Salamanca Market on Saturdays.
I renovated the bathroom on a budget (yes it can be done)
I took a few months off working in the studio, as I had lost a lot of motivation......
I make rings....someone else makes rings
I make bangles....someone else makes bangles
I make spoons....someone else makes spoons
I was getting annoyed with people who were riding on my coat tails and not coming up with their own ideas.
I also had decided not to do the Trade Fair this year.
All this clogging up had resulted in a bit of a 'brain freeze' and a loss of mojo.
Anyway.......a fab opportunity has come along.....and BAM.....
I have got the mojo back.
Ideas have been streaming in.  I was awake at 4am with so many new ideas, so I got up and started sketching etc...
So LOOK OUT.....magoolie is back.
I have some lovely new designs ready to be launched at the end of the year.
Stay tuned for the launch date and venue (fingers crossed as venue is yet to be confirmed)
 So Excited!!!